Anatomy of a Launch Plan: An NPL Case Study

In recent blogs, we’ve covered the fundamental launch basics, plus all the other pieces that need to be prioritized when putting together a new product launch plan.

We’ve earned these insights from supporting more than 280 launches in 20 years. It’s been our honor and privilege to support our clients as they bring what is often their first drug to market, fulfilling their dreams of changing patient lives.

To demonstrate how we get to work making a difference for our clients, we’re sharing a recap of a real-world case study from an emerging pharma company that was developing an immunology product.

To read the full case study, including a client testimony, download our ebook, “280 Launches Later: Two Labs’ Insights on the Commercialization Journey.

They were running clinical trials for a product that could be delivered via infusion therapy or subcutaneously and were looking for a project plan to show them all the elements of a launch that they needed to think through.

We provided an extensive and detailed road map of all the pieces that needed to fall into place, a timeline of how to approach the launch, and insights into all the nuanced ways that the pieces of a launch are interconnected.

Our experts guided them to and through the launch of the IV product, which required diligent distribution oversight to ensure that the product made it to patients in time for infusion appointments, while also preparing to support the launch of the subcutaneous product.

This company has remained with Two Labs for several years. Altogether, we have provided them with guidance on more than a dozen different service lines, including state licensing, EHRx order sets, lifecycle planning, drug development training, 3PL selection, market intelligence, patient services pre-launch testing, patient support strategy selection build-out, compendia, channel strategy and implementation, patient services audits and simulations, an audit of analog subcutaneous products, government price reporting, and more.

After 280+ launches, learn how Two Labs helps emerging manufacturers drive success throughout every step of the commercial journey.

We’re here to support your success from clinical to commercial – and beyond.

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