Finding the right 3PL partner
for your pharma organization

As an extension of your business, it’s crucial the 3PL you select is the right fit for your organization. With 17+ years of experience guiding manufacturers through 3PL selections, we’re here to help simplify the process for you and your team with a proven, multidisciplinary approach.

Few decisions are as vital for the successful commercialization of a new pharma product

While manufacturers first think of their 3PL as a logistics partner, they are also a financial partner with deep integrations across the organization, including:

  • Customer Service & Order Entry
  • Order Pricing
  • Order Invoicing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Credit Checks
  • Cash Applications
  • Returns
  • Chargebacks

In other words, your 3PL won’t just help you store and deliver product; in some cases, they will act as the face of your company.

Our Approach to 3PL Selection

Because this relationship is so important, manufacturers benefit from partnering with 3PL selection experts to perform due diligence. The process can take months to complete, involving kickoff meetings, audits, RFP creation, response analysis, virtual site visits, and more, which can unnecessarily burden a commercialization team.

We’re here to help. With 17+ years of experience guiding manufacturers through the 3PL selection process from start to finish, we take a cross-functional, multidisciplinary approach to fully consider all important factors, from product transportation needs and financial integration to the availability of title model solutions and cultural fit.

This approach has led to tremendous results for our partners. Throughout our 200+ 3PL Selection projects, we have a 100% success rate matching manufacturers with the right 3PLs for their needs.

To learn more, download our ebook, Launch Fundamentals: The 3PL Selection Process.

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